Read below for some of the best tips and tricks for 8 ball pool game:

Aim – How boring is it to drag the cue every time you have to take a shot. Just tap the screen and the cue will re adjust itself instantly. Now readjustment does not mean it will perfectly aim the ball for you but it will bring the cue close to what you want. Now you have to drag very little to perfectly aim the ball and pot it. It is a nice little trick to save time.

Vibrate – Are you busy? You don’t have to stop watching your favorite TV Show just because you are playing this game. Now switch on vibrate mode and the game will remind you when it is your turn. This will help you avoid missing your turn and the timer drying up.

Practice – Who says that you always have to play against your opponents and risk your coins. Now if you just want to practice and learn the game, then you can also do it offline. This will help you learn more about the game and become a better player.

Chat – Sometimes we notice that chat is really distracting. You don’t want to miss potting a ball just because you were too busy chatting with your opponent. Disable the chat feature so you can focus and pay attention to the game.

Better Cue – Did you know that the default cue that you get with the game is a not a great one. If you just change your cue, you will notice that you will take better aim with all that extra power. Now beat your opponents with this simple trick.

Cheat – We have one of the best tricks for this game with the help of a paper. You can use a large piece of paper by placing it on the screen to make sure that the aim you are taking will surely pot the ball.

Open Daily – Open 8 ball pool game everyday irrespective of whether you want to play or not. This is because everyday when you open the game you get a free spin and that will fetch coins and other rewards which will come in handy one day.

White Ball – Make sure that your white ball when hits the colored ball, the ball touches the edge of the table. Blank shots are not allowed and will result in a foul. The white ball also should not hit your enemy ball or the black ball first.

Timer: Always keep an eye on the timer, don’t take so much time to aim the ball that your timer runs out. If it happens then your opponent is going to get a free shot with the white ball in his hand on his next shot.

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