8 Ball Pool is one of the most popular online multiplayer game based on Billiards. The game has been developed by a European company called Miniclip. The game was developed in the year 2008 and during the year 2015, the game won the award of being the one of the top 100 games on the internet. A player can play this game using any device of his or her choice, be it a personal computer, a laptop or even a smart phone device (android, ios or windows). The game is played by over twenty million players on a regular basis which makes it one of the most played games online.

Resemblance to Billiards

8 Ball Pool tries to resemble the real pool game by having in game rooms where the actual game takes place between two people. Each of these rooms will have their own set rules and regulations like entry fee (coins) etc. A player can enter the room by paying an entry fee and if they win the match, they take double the amount while the loser takes nothing. This makes the 8 ball pool coins as one of the an important thing to have if you want to play.

As a player continues to play and win matches, they will gain experience points that will help them unlock further portions of the game. A new player does not have the full game unlocked and thus they have to play a lot to unlock the entire game. In the game there is a chat where you can also speak and wish luck to the other player who is playing against you.

Let us check out how a default pool table looks like in this game:

If you can see the above picture, you will notice how detailed the table is in this game. The graphics are superb and you also get to see others’ pictures in the DP as shown. You are also seeing the pool stick that is being targeted to hit the ball. You will also get to see the statistics of the player you are playing against. Here you see one of the player is new and other one is at level 21. The table also gives other details as to which player has managed to pot which ball and how many is still left to pot. On the right side you can notice that all the balls that have been sent into the pocket gets accumulated there.

Basic Game Information


There are four different types of balls in this game. They are Stripes, Solids, White and Black. White Ball as you know is the ball that is to be hit by the cue. When the game begins, the users have to hunt for at least one type of ball among stripes and solids. Whichever user pots a ball first, that type of ball becomes his and now his task is to finish all such balls from the table. Once a player has finished all his balls from the table, they can now go after the black ball called the Eight Ball. Whoever gets to the black ball wins the game but note that nobody can go after the black ball till their other balls are all potted. You can read more about the information on our Rules page.


Miniclip began with the leagues a few years ago with a concept in mind that there should be a FAIR way to make people compete with their opponents. They divide a certain number of people on a weekly basis based on their level and randomization and then players compete. For each game that you win, you get certain points which gets added up on the leader board. Whoever wins the maximum number of matches based on that calculation they win the league. Remember that winning a league will bring a lot of rewards for the player. Please read more about this on our League page.


It is important to be smart in a game if you want to do better than your friends and family. The best tip or say a trick that I can teach you today is making use of some sort of extension device. When you play the game you will find that the game automatically forms a line and shows you an angle where the ball is going to go when you hit. Now nothing is confirmed and while you think you have aimed perfectly, it still ends up not going towards the hole properly. We have come up with a scale or a piece of paper to extend the aim to find out if aim is perfect or not. With this help we are able to drag the cue to have that perfect aim that is required to pot the ball. But remember to do it quickly before the timer runs out. Now go over to our tips page to read the rest of the tips and improve your game play.