In our previous article, we gave you brief introduction of the game along with other details. Now we are going to discuss some of the important rules of the game that you must know before you start playing this game.

  • Stripes and Solids – There are two types of balls in the game and each player will have to pocket only one type of ball. If you are solid and you pot a stripe ball, then you end up helping your opponent only. You must aim to pot only solid balls or you are losing the game.
  • Black Ball – The black ball cannot be potted till all your solid or stripe balls have been potted. If you pot the black ball before then you immediately lose the game. So be very careful.
  • White Ball – When you hit the white ball, it must hit your own ball first before it hits anything else. If you hit the opponent’s ball or the black ball before hitting your own then it is a foul.
  • Select Pots – There are many different types of games that you will come across. Some game rules are such that you have to select a particular pot for the black ball. Some games are so tough that you may have to select one of the six pots for nearly every ball you want to pot. These variations are there in the game to make the game more fun.
  • Time Limit – Each time you take a shot you will see the timer running on the board. This timer is to make sure that you don’t take ages to play your shot. You must be fast in your game play or else the game becomes boring and sometimes unfair. Make sure your timer don’t run out or else your opponent will be given the chance to take ball in his hand on next shot.

Basic Rules

  • The first player to pot a ball decides which player gets what type of ball – stripe or solid.
  • If you pot the white ball, your opponent gets one advantage shot.
  • If you pot one of your balls successfully, you will get another shot as a bonus.
  • If you pot one of your opponent’s ball, your opponent has one less ball to score, plus you don’t get that bonus shot.
  • When you get a ball in hand, you can move it and place wherever you want that will make it easy to pot the ball you want to.