There are four different types of game modes in 8 ball pool and we are going to discuss them all in detail below.

Types of Game Mode:

Player vs Player – In this mode of gaming, two players play a quick game against each other. You have to enter a room with your opponent by paying an entry fee set by both of you. How it works is that the winner takes all the coins that were placed as the entry fee. The loser does not get anything.

Tournament – In this mode, you actually compete against 7 other players although at one time only 2 people can play. So as you win matches you go up the ladder and the winner wins a lot of coins and other prizes.

Offline Mode – The offline mode has also been developed by Mini Clip where a user can practice the game solo. This is done precisely so a player can improve upon their game by playing alone. They can learn how the ball and cue behaves so he can become a better player and beat their opponents in live multiplayer mode. Plus another thing was if a user does not have an internet connection at the given time, they can still enjoy playing Pool.

In Game Purchases – The in game currency is coins and cash. Coins are important in this game because it is required in entering a given room that has an entry fee. If you don’t have coins then you will not be able to enter any room and compete. Each game is played for certain amount of coins and only winner takes it all, so winning is important if you don’t want to run out of coins. Cash is required to purchase special features of the game like premium cues, beautiful tables and other stuff. Please see complete details about this on the Purchase page.