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8 Ball Pool8 Ball Pool is an app especially for billiard lovers. It doesn’t matter if you know how to play properly or not. That is because this game is designed in a very simple and accurate manner which gives you edge in playing billiard even if you haven’t played in reality, ever. It has a very healthy and solidly built online community which allows you to play with your friends from Facebook (Miniclip community too). The colorful graphics makes it only more and more tempting.

Features of 8 Ball Pool v3.20.5

 Once you sign in, you can either play with your friends from Miniclip or Facebook communities or you can be paired with haphazard and arbitrary users. No matter how awful you are at pool in real life, you won’t get bored with this virtual game. Like many users say, “It is challenging, not discouraging.” You can also play tournaments which is a huge turnover to excitement because there is a thrill in it.
 There are 5 levels in this game to make you badly addicted to being a better pool player. The 5 levels are as follows
1. London
2. Sydney
3. Moscow
4. Tokyo
5. Las Vegas
 In order to begin the game, you need to donate a fair share of your coins; coins which are, in layman terms, in-game currency. The good news is that you ultimately gain back the coins you have paid, that is, if you win.
 8 Ball Pool has a quick pace which keeps the gamers on their toes throughout. We say this because it gives you just 30 seconds to clear a shot and if you fail to do it, then your opponent canplace the ball in hand to any place he/she likes.

How to download 8 Ball Pool v3.20.5?

Looking for a game which would make you anxious, shaky, panicky and excited? Click on the link below to download 8 Ball Pool because it is worthy.

Download the Game

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