Download 8 Ball Pool v3.16.7

8 Ball PoolThis is a game which helps one to get relaxed after a very tiring day. This game provides one to divert ones mind from all the stressed out and a busy schedule. This game can be played by any age group and these days is getting more famous. This game is also known as solids and stripes game. This is the second most competitive game in the world. This game is played on a pool table with 6 pockets . This game is played with cue sticks and 16 balls consisting of a cue ball, 15 object balls that are seven stripped balls and seven solid coloured balls and the
black eight balls.

Features of 8 Ball Pool v3.16.7

The features of this game are as follows-

  • 8 Ball Pool is not played only in the formal way but also for fun as a stress booster.
  • The rules in informal games differ from different area to area and the place to place.
  • The one best option in the game is that you can place the cue ball wherever the striker(breaker) desires behind the head string
  • Another best option in the game is that the player can continue the game until he commits a foul.
  • The controls for the game is quite simple and easy in all the iOS devices.
  • Rules in the game are simple which is to garage and aim for the ball and in case you hit the ball you continue the game.
  • The most beneficial component in playing in iOS devices is that you comfort your self and you imagine yourself to be playing the game in reality

How to download 8 Ball Pool v3.16.7?

The game can be downloaded by clicking the link provided below. Happy playing!

Download the Game

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