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8 Ball Pool8 Ball pool is an online game published by Miniclip, a game company in Switzerland, England, Portugal, and Italy. Categorized under the genre of sports, it is a billiard themed pool simulation sports game. 8 Ball pool was ranked at top among 100 Miniclip games. It is the best online multiplayer games of its genre. The game can be played free of cost by visiting The game has no specific requirements and run error free on a PC with flash enabled browser.

Features of 8 Ball Pool v3.15.9

8 Ball Pool is a free sports genre game that can be played on Miniclip. It is a multiplayer game in which more than one players can compete at the same time. It is the topmost multiplayer game of its genre.
●The game allows players to play billiard online. The game is played in realistically themed game rooms where the player engages in multi-player matches to win pool coins which are spent on cues and other pool gears. Each game room offers varied entry fee, prizes, and rules.
●Players can also accumulate experience points which can be used to level up and unlock incipient game rooms, cues, and other things.
●Players can choose their avatars from the top left corner of the screen.
●There are no set goals in the game and players can set there own objectives and goals as per their wishes.
●When in battle, players can chat with one another and interact with people using some specific set messages.
●Player is given a brief tutorial so that he or she doesn't face any difficulty while playing the game.

How to download 8 Ball Pool v3.15.9?

Visit the following given link to play the game-

Download the Game

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