Download 8 Ball Pool v3.9.3

8 Ball PoolThis game is very popular in much of the world with various variations and mostly regional. This eight ball game is derived from a game which was invented earlier around 1990 in the united states by Brunswick- Balke- Collender company. Informally billions of individuals play this game.

 Features of 8 Ball Pool v3.9.3

  • Object balls must be placed in a triangular rack and its base should be parallel to end rail to start the game. The balls must be placed in such a way that all of them must be in contact with each other.
  •  Balls should be in random order, two at the corner one of which is a stripe and another is solid. The cue ball can be placed anywhere.
  • The player can continue shooting until he commits a foul or failed to legally pocket an object ball.
  •  A player is said to be a winner if he pockets all his object balls legally into a designated pocket or the opposing player knocks the ball out of the table.
  •  The cue ball should not be pocketed and does not strike any ball is a foul. The shooter should not touch the cue ball except with tip of the cue.
  • The shooter should not touch any other ball and strike the ball out of the table.
  • The cue ball should not be struck more than once in a shot.
  •  Balls should not come in contact with cushion.

How to download 8 Ball Pool v3.9.3?

Download and enjoy playing 8 Ball Pool by clicking on the link provided in the description of this article.

Download the Game

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