Download 8 Ball Pool v3.5.2

8 Ball PoolThere must be a time when everyone would have played billiards, at least once, or would have wished to play. Miniclip brings you 8 ball pool, which is a miniature version of billiards which a person could play on the phone. This online gaming app has gained a lot of popularity since the day it was released. You can now play billiards on the go. 8 ball pool has some of the amazing features which would give you the feeling of playing real billiards.

Features of 8 Ball Pool v3.5.2

● It is a free game which is available for all Android devices. One does not have to worry about any in-app purchases.
● You can play it alone or with your friends. The application has the feature of multiplayer challenges which allows the gamers to play and challenge each other.
● Gamers are awarded coins when they win a match. These coins can be used to further unlock certain clues which would be helpful in matches ahead. With the help of these coins, you can even buy items from the pool shop.
● Once you start winning the games, the level would be increased and the players would be allowed to play only with the best players of the game.
8 ball pool even has a chat option, which means that you can even talk with your competitors while playing the game.
● The graphics of the application is visually appealing and it allows the player to focus on the pool table to make difficult shots and win the game.

How to download 8 Ball Pool v3.5.2

You can download the application from the link provided below. As it is a free game, you don’t have to worry about any amount to be paid. This game is currently available only for Android devices.

Download the Game

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