Download 8 Ball Pool v2.5.2

8 Ball PoolAre you a regular Pool game player and not getting enough time to play? We know how difficult it becomes these days to give a particular time to our hobbies. What if you can play your pool game in your phone? No, we are not joking. 8 Ball pool game is allows you to experience your favourite pool in phones. It an app that supports all platforms and can be downloaded in your phones. You can play it anytime without paying any cost for it, as it is totally free app. Let’s check its features-

Features of 8 Ball Pool v2.5.2

The 8 Ball pool game is perfect for all pool game lovers and have been already popular in fans. It has great features that are mentioned here-

  • You can play 1×1 matches in the game.
  • If you are a multiplayer game love, don’t worry you can invite them to play match with you.
  • It has been designed in a real way that will give you feel of the real pool game.
  • It improves skills of pool game.
  • It has a feature of tournaments. It gives you access to multiple tournaments where you can play matches with online players. It allows total 8 players in the tournaments.
  • Tournament are given on the basis of your game capabilities.
  • With each tournaments you will be able to earn coins and also with individual matches.
  • The coins that a player will earn, can be redeemed for in app purchases of the game.
  • The cues can be customized.
  • The game has very easy user interface.

How to Download 8 Ball pool v2.5.2?

To download the game click on the download link provided here and install.

Download the Game

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